If you have an idea of the wedding reception you are looking for, then start your research, ask family, friends do all you have to and book early, it’s very important you do so. You might think it’s simple, but trust me it isn’t, you have to look for the perfect venue that provides all that you need, and if you are getting married in Nigeria, you have to make sure the venue doesn’t run on PHCN electricity, that they have their own stand by generator, and the air conditioning works properly in full effect and also the security and parking spaces provided, if it will be enough for guest. Once you are pleased, book the wedding venue a year in advance. Make a deposit or down payment, take hostages if you have to but don’t miss out on the venue you want, trust me, it’s going to be all worth it in the end.

Some extremely popular receptions are booked so far ahead, you’ve barely reached puberty when the deposit is paid. I’m joking, but you get the picture. Anyway, who wants to wait that long to get married. Nevertheless, it pays to plan ahead, make sure you get venue sorted out first, it gives you peace of mind and helps you progress further in the planning.

Wedding Theme: Firstly, have a very clear idea on the style of wedding you want; traditional, formal, semi-formal or casual. Choosing a wedding theme or colour theme will be an important decision in regards to planning the reception, as this can dictate the wedding reception location and the type of venue you’ll choose to have your party at.

There’s definately a demand for new and creative wedding ideas, newly weds are more open to new and innovative ways to celebrate their wedding day