Planning is the most crucial ingredient to a successful wedding. If you are planning your wedding yourself, then that’s good, but can be quite stressful. Up until recently did Nigerian brides started hiring wedding planners to take care of their special day for them, in the past it was all about the family & friends of the couple coming together to help out plan a successful day, and for some it ended beautifully while for others it’s not the same story. Planning a wedding is no small task, unless you have such small amout of guest let’s say 50-100, but then it takes planning too. So, if you wan to be relieved of such burden, then I suggest you hire a wedding planner, the good thing about wedding planners is that they work around your budget, trying as much to help you get all you need in a good price range, so if you are too busy, or have no clue, then hire one, but make sure you are clear on what you want. Your wedding day must be about you and your partner, never get influenced by what they think, create a board, collect all your inspiration in one place, and show it! Make sure you hire a creative planner, which I think most are, ensure all communication is on point, that’s very important!