A detailed wedding photography checklist is more important than you might think, whether the person taking the photo’s is an amateur or a professional wedding photographer. On the wedding day, things can get a little crazy and its easy to forget things – like taking a shot of someone very important like your mother. I’m not joking! It could happen and explaining would be awful.

Whoever does the photography must know the important people that are on the wedding photo checklist and get those shots taken. As with most things, it’s better to keep a simple order, so remember to keep the photo shoot checklist precise and to the point. A wedding photographer checklist is like a production line and knowing what is next means the photographers can position themselves strategically to ensure a smooth photoshoot.

We have our very own talented and special in house photographer ATUNBI Photography & Five Studios, you will be seeing a lot of their work on this website, and we would share a link on how you can contact them for packages etc.