Nigerian Weddings Colors & Themes: Top 3 Wedding Themes (Part One)

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Modern Nigerian brides now opt for a wedding with a specific theme. In the past, most couples just do their wedding based on color schemes even up til now, and it’s ok to have a wedding based on colors but even more beautiful if there’s a theme behind it! We’ve seen loads and loads of Nigerian weddings that are theme-less yet still very pretty, elegant and classy based on the colors chosen.

Choosing a particular wedding theme is not everyone’s cup of tea, but won’t it just be nice to have a theme and get the wedding co-ordinated in that particular theme. For example, when a cluless person enters a room and see’s loads of frost, snow flakes, all white decor, they can easily guess this wedding is all about the winter wonderland. Having a wedding theme makes a wedding more personal, more coordinated and definitely more beautiful!

So how does one arrive with a wedding theme?

By now, you must be thinking of how to choose a theme, what are the types of wedding theme out there. First and foremost, the couple should decide which type of wedding theme suit their personalities and lifestyle, do not copy. Just because someone else had it doesn’t mean it would be right for you, try and personalise it to yourselves, it’s much more unique that way. Once you’ve picked your theme, it’s a lot easier to coordinate the invitation, styling, favors, flowers, dresses, menu, music and all the other items required when it revolves around a specific theme.

Below are some possible wedding themes and ideas that we have gathered online which you can use for your own wedding. I have listed them in no particular order and this post would come in different parts so please stay tuned for more fabulous updates.

1. Red Roses Themed Wedding: If you are the sort of bride who would like to show your elegant, romantic and glamorous side? Then this wedding theme will fit you perfectly! This type of wedding theme will give your too formal black and white wedding affair a splash of color for a timeless and sophisticated event. The rose theme wedding idea pairs the vibrant fragrances and colors of roses with the beautiful colors of the rainbow for a casual, yet unique celebration. Depending upon the roses (types and colors) that you choose to use, they can impart either a formal or a casual atmosphere. Translating that romantic but bold look to your wedding reception hall is achieved by decorating it in nothing but red! Red table linens, red chandeliers, and lighting reflected on red curtains…lovely! Carrying red roses bouquet as well as the bridesmaids…gorgeous!

2. Romantic Whimsical: This wedding theme is all about candlelight, champagne, a beautiful aura of ambience, which can be achieved by special lightings – this is what a romantic wedding theme entails. From soft subtle colors to fine music and elegant decorations, fairytale weddings speak to the heart of everyone present. So what constitutes a romantic wedding theme? Some may lean toward red or pink hearts; soft, delicate flowers; candles; bubbly champagne and wine; pearls; large bows; organza and chiffon materials; romantic music. The list is endless, you can get inspirations from the board below!

3. Starry Starry Night (Star Wedding Theme): This theme is one of the most beautiful and magical wedding theme ever. This theme is all about the stars, and you can capture the essence of a celestial marriage celebration with this starry night theme wedding idea. For your invitation, select midnight blue or black paper and have your wording printed in gold lettering. Trust us, it would look truly amazing!!! For wedding favors, you can give your guests star fairy wands with a tag that asks them to “wish upon the star”.

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