Nigerian Wedding: Stylish Lace Wedding Shoes

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One of the most popular types of fabrics used in weddings is lace. This material is very special and favored by many brides. We can see lace utilized in many fields of a wedding, starting with the bride’s dress, wedding invitations and ending up with the wedding cake! We are big fans of this fabric and we really enjoy it because it is romantic, elegant and timelessly beautiful. It is one of the most sensual and seductive textures ever used in a wedding item.

So let’s talk about lace shoes. Lace can make your shoes look even more delicate and chic and also help you obtain a coherent unified look, if your wedding gown is made of lace. You can’t wear lace shoes without a lace wedding gown any way! So make sure that the color, the texture and the embroidery of the shoes match the features of your lace wedding dress. Your shoes can feature just a tiny lace accent on the side, or they can be fully covered in lace. They can display a lace pattern, flower appliqué or even a unique adornment for the heel! There are many ways to play with lace when it comes to bridal shoes. It depends on the types of shoes we’re talking about. But for now you can get inspired from the lace shoes in our gallery below.

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