Nigerian Wedding Cakes: 13 Stunning Quilted Wedding Cake Ideas

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There are so many contemporary wedding cakes out there, you name it, there’s almost everything! From ombre, to fashion inspired, to vintage lace, flowers etc and now quilted. Although quilted wedding cakes have been around for a very long time, it is timeless and classic and we just can’t get enough of them already! So if you are searching for a contemporary design for your wedding cake? Look no further. We’ve pulled together some of the most contemporary, chic and elegant quilted wedding cakes. Quilted wedding cake designs reminds me of chanel, such elegance and undiluted luxury. These are one of the most gorgeous looking cakes you will ever see! Quilting on wedding cakes can be very elaborate or simple, depending on the wedding affair, notice the different quilting patterns of each cakes in the gallery below, you will be able to tell why some are large and some rather small. To see our previous post on quilted wedding cakes, click here.

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