Nigerian Brides: Gorgeous Edo Traditional Wedding Attire Styles

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I’m not an Edo girl but there’s just something special about the Edo people and their wedding tradition, which is usually very captivating. We’ve some sort of infatuation with their culture for a while now, especially during the bridal preparations, watching the bride getting all dressed up like a princess, it’s so beautiful. The Edo people are a part of the south of Nigeria, and Benin City is the capital of Edo state. The city, Benin is known for its arts and crafts and ofcourse for their elaborate and intricately designed coral beads.

On the day of an Edo traditional wedding, the brides are usually adorned in inticately woven coral beads, some are sewn into their hair to create these crown like gears, their own special type of ‘gele’ if I may compare it to that, only fit for queens, which is absolutely gorgeous, and clearly makes them look like royals. I can just imagine how long it takes for the brides to get fully dressed for their wedding day. But hey, the end result is so worth it, they always look amazing so it doesn’t really matter.

For my Edo brides out there looking for ideas, why not checkout our galleries for different beautiful styles by real Nigerian edo brides, and you can also see our previous post here incase you missed it, or for even more photos, enjoy!

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