This is one of my favorite part at weddings, the music and dance dance dance. It is highly important guest at your wedding have the time of their lives, in terms of having fun and doing fun things, so it is important that the wedding reception songs you choose surely go a long way to determine what kind of vibe your wedding party develops. In fact, your wedding music can determine how much your guests participate in every facet of the party from dancing to the cutting of the cake, to the train dance and competitions between the bridal part, which is very popular these days and even how much your guests enjoy their dinners. Imagine playing classic music or jazz to a room full of R& B and Naija music lovers – or even worse -play hip-hop for the older guests, so you see that’s not a good idea. Make sure you be an all rounder, have a little bit for everyone, if you are stuck on ideas, ask your parents, aunties or uncles for ideas of songs they would like, and since they would be having guest come as well, you can be sure they will like the choice of music too!

Popular wedding reception music has to be tailored to the needs of the party, rather than to any one individual’s taste, so make sure when you are discussing with parents, or relatives, you can’t promise them all, you just have to instruct your dj to go with the flow, and trust me dj’s can tell when guests are enjoying themselves!. This means the wedding reception song list should probably accomodate several different grooves.

Of course, the big moment is when the bride dances her first dance with her new husband, and no wedding reception music list can exist without the big band or the dj. The hard part for most people is remembering that one perfect song, which inevitably becomes `our song’. This page is therefore dedicated to providing you with a few suggestions to add to your list of wedding reception dance songs.