Luxurious, Elegant & Fabulous Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas…

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This is for the over the top bride who craves luxury, elegance and sophistication, and ofcourse is ready to pay the price for it! Fresh flower centerpiece are quite costly, but to pair it with chandeliers and crystals plus bling, is just over the top. I have been to wedding receptions in Lagos, where I thought wow, amazing, and some of this photos I will be sharing looked exactly like that. You want your guest to come to a wedding and feel like they on a privat yatch of something, then dig this and stay tuned!

Gone are the days of peacock & ostrich feathers on tables, I wonder if people still do that though. Floral wedding centerpieces are traditional but need not be run of the mill. Let your imagination run wild and you can create some diverse and stunning displays or your decorator can, which is most likely as that’s the in thing for most brides getting married in Nigeria, let the planner do everything. The advantages of flowers are that they come in so many colors and styles, you can keep them long stemmed or short and you can even just use the petals, and they complement crystals, blings and any sparkle you would like to add very well. If you are on a budget do not restrict yourself to fresh flowers – consider silk or paper wedding flower centerpieces, trust me they are quiet nice, I will be writing a post on those soon. Whatever color and theme your wedding is following, there will always be flowers to match, almost always.

When you have decided on wedding floral centerpieces you need to come up with a design, the layout, where you want it placed, usually the center. I personally think that all weddings – regardless of their budget, formality or season should be cheerful,fun and vibrant. And for obtaining a more inviting, delightful and enjoyable atmosphere and mood for your guests it would be best to opt for a more vivacious and bold color scheme or theme as you would see in the photos. This is what we always recommend the modern brides today – especially to those who are lucky to be planning a wedding indoors in the open, it would make your photos pop, just make sure the lighting is not too much.

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