How To Implement Emerald Green Into Your Wedding Theme

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Emerald wedding theme reminds me of life, the earth and new beginnings. It is quite a diverse colour that can be both fresh and warm and yet, for some reason or another, is not a particularly popular colour for Wedding colour schemes. I have seen quite a few weddings in lagos that quiet nicely pulled that colour off, as much as am not a huge fan of green, I recently came across one that completely blew me away and changed my views about that colours, I guess I my phobia began from the lack of creativity in using the colour emerald so well, there are different changes of green and I absolutely love the way emerald green can transform the ambience of a reception venue. That said, with the advent of climate change and a new global focus upon the environment, we do predict that that will change over the forthcoming years.

Greens can work well at both a Beach themed wedding, which is not porpular in Lagos at the moment, although I have seen sea front style weddings on the Island and a Wild West one, although in both cases they are unlikely to be the primary colour. Dark green works particularly well at Autumn and Christmas-time and can warm even the coldest day. Conversely, light, minty greens are a very soothing and cooling colour that can work wonders at a Spring or Summer Wedding. I have noticed, people choose the wrong shades for different times of the year, but if you can get the right shade, trust me your guest would have much to talk about and your memories of that day will look beautiful everytime you look at your wedding album!

It goes without saying that greens work well in a colour scheme with other greens, but they also go well with a whole multitude of other colours as well. Dark green works particularly well with a burgundy or blood red, especially around Christmas. At other times of year, blues and greens can combine for a tranquil feel, while pastel shades will go well with an apple green and lemons and oranges will combine to a vibrant effect with lime green. In terms of metallic options, both gold and silver can work well, but for light greens silver and chrome work best, whereas gold and bronze have a greater impact with dark, bottle greens.

Flowers are one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to showcase your colour scheme and whilst there are not a whole range of flowers available in green, you will invariably find that bouquets and table decorations will be strewn with green foliage. If you are after only green flowers for your day, why not combine the green variety of the flowers listed below with an abundance of foliage to provide that overall ‘green’ look and feel:

When choosing green for your colour scheme, factor it into all aspects of the day from embroidery on the Wedding Dress, to supporting colours on the stationery. The Bridesmaids should obviously be wearing the colour, whilst the groom and male attendants outfits should have matching neckpieces and waistcoats / cummerbunds. Green to many people signifies plants, so don’t be afraid to ask your florist if you can hire ferns, yuccas, topiary trees or any other greenery that will add to the occasion. Green colours on the wedding cake if done well can add to the effect, and why not serve drinks such as midori (melon liqueur), and food with plenty of greens (you make your parents proud!). Of course, balloons, decorations and table confetti should be green but perhaps you may wish to let them set the scene and accessorise more with plants and shrubs for that natural feel.

Also, you can decide to let your bridesmaids wear green dresses, while you hold a bouquet with a touch of emerald green, add special touches of your colour theme throughout the entire decoration, invitation and even your wedding cakes and aso-ebi.

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