Church Decorating Ideas & Photos to Inspire you!

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I hardly ever see any elaborate church decorations in Nigeria, so I guess it’s not that important unless absolutely necessary, most brides this day, would rather marry in a new & modern building, with beautiful lights and atmosphere and ofcourse grounds to take photos, so if you are reading this, you are probably trying to be creative and looking for ideas. The photos of decorating the wedding aisle as well as garden photos if you are marrying outside, which is one of the popular trends we have lately in Lagos, so I am here encourage you to do decorate, and if you prefer to DIY then that’s fine, because that style is so trendy right now that not only economical brides and grooms are adopting it, but also rich couples who want more originality & personality for their party. The truth is that the idea of designing the wedding on your own is not only cost-effective but also a fun and memorable experience to share with your friends and family.

The religious ceremony, officiated at a church that you choose is one of the highlights of the wedding. So that the inside of the church might be more special, you mind need to decorate it either will flowers or drapes or even embellished floral decorations and an arcade located at the exit of the church would be a great decorative element in your wedding photos. The arcade can be decorated with tulle and white flowers like tulips or imperial lilies or whatever you think is suitable.

Every bride wants her decorations to be unique and stick out in the guests minds. The traditional decorations are pearls, lace, candles, crystals, flowers. Accessorizing such a holy place is not easy. The choices you make mustn’t confer with the churches integrity. Though white is the perfect choice, you can go a little crazy with ivory or cream and a colorful touch like colored ribbons for the chairs or the benches, depending on how your church looks like.

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