There’s been debates on how important honeymoon should be? What if the couple can’t afford one etc. But I must say, it is very important, honeymoon doesn’t have to last for 1-2weeks it might be a couple of days really 2-3days, you just have to work around your budget and know where to go. For most couples, honeymoon destinations are a subject they regard with excitement and awe, but for some there’s a little bit of dread and indecision as to were to go and what to do and hoping that all their honeymoon planning goes according to their schedule. So getting to know where to go is the task you have to do, it all looks good in travel magazine and online searches but have you read reviews, spoken or know anyone who has been? Do your research first and yes
there are so many things to plan, so you will need an honeymoon travel checklist, there are honeymoon packages and exclusive honeymoon resorts on every corner of the earth. Some people want to sit in the lap of luxury to kick of married life, while others may want to share an adventure in exotic foreign locations. So where do you go? If you leaf through newspaper or magazine advertisements, you’ll be steered towards the best marketed honeymoon places with the biggest tourist turnover and all the associated costs which ultimately you pay for. However, if you prefer romantic travel destinations on faraway island beaches, or a trekking trip through tropical resorts, or even exotic sailing cruises or tours through the Greek Islands or down the Adriatic coast, perhaps another way is to find a better travel agent and discuss honeymoon packages. An experienced agent can discuss your honeymoon ideas and help suggest the best travel destination for your needs, with competitive deals on honeymoon vacations. At Nigerian wedding, we hope to bring you honeymoon destination ideas from all around the continents starting from Africa, Europe, Caribbean, US Asia, Gulf etc….so stay tuned!