Wedding ceremonies in Nigeria, are usually quite large with almost all the church members present at the ceremony to support the couple, most especially if they are members of the church or the parents are. The ceremony usually takes place at the brides parents church, I wonder why, but recently I have been told, it doesn’t matter because what if the bride comes from abroad and doesn’t have parents, so now you see what I mean. Some couple make sure the church is well decorated to follow their theme, and begin their ceremony by lighting a unity candle or candelabra, which ofcourse is based on the choice of the couples involved. Some may customize their vows just to add that special meaning to their wedding, but I would advise you check with the officiating pastor first! Because some churches do not encourage couple to change their order of the day, you have a choice to the songs & hymns but not to tell them what to do, they are very strict like that, so be sure to ask questions, so you don’t get embarrassed!