What is a wedding without a cake? Cutting of cake has been around for thousands of years and I dont think it would stop any time soon, its one of the most done part of the wedding reception, the bride & groom must cut the cake. Even though, it might be difficult to decide which cake you would like, due to the large amount of selections, do not worry as we are here to guide you and provide inspirations and most importantly, once you know what you would like, you cake baker would steer you in the right direction so you make the perfect choice. They’ll also offer your a variety of wedding cake flavours, such as the traditional fruit cake, chocolate, white or caramel mud cake, hummingbird, carrot cake or even cheesecake – these are perfect for layered or tiered cakes, and you aslo get to choose how many tier of cake you might want etc. Sponge cakes are popular too, but are best as single tier cakes and on separate pedestals, not tiered on top of the other, because sponge is soft and can collapse, so be mindful.