Nigerian wedding accessories, no matter if traditional or contemporary adds beauty and elegance to any bride and the groom, it is important that you make an informed chice when choosing the getting it right adds that extra magic to a brides attire and the entire wedding experience. Because the right accessories can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary – and no wedding is really complete without that little extra detail in your accessories that separates the spectacular from the ordinary.

Choosing the right wedding accessories can be a balancing act, so it’s important to remember it’s all about congruence and consistency. Your tiara needs to co-ordinate with your hairstyle and must be chosen carefully. The right piece is truly a crowning glory. The wedding veil adds the finishing touch – it co-ordinates with your hair.

And, make sure all other jewelery like wrist watches, bangles and fashion rings, compliment your whole look, if it doesn’t look right, then it’s not right, remember less is more, you wanna look beautiful and all natural as much as possible!